Ep. 5: Thanksgiving 2 - Sweet Revenge


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November 18, 2016 - Let’s face it, we’re right at the beginning of “Dessert Season," cold weather, family gatherings, ski-vacations… it lasts until we start thinking about bathing suits and beaches sometime after Valentine's Day.  After a little dessert-directed Day Drinking featuring Stone Brewing Co’s Seasonal Chocolate/Chili/Spice/Coffee Beer, “Xocoveza” and Handmade, Barrel-Strength Bourbon from Noah’s Mill, Strauss and Phelps sit down with Lisa Ritter, one of the founders of LA’s beloved “Big Sugar Bake Shop” (and a really great story-teller). We taste and talk about the sweet stuff and hear about Lisa ’s journey from being raised in a food-centric, Jewish/Italian family to the surprising, even to her, beginnings of Big Sugar.  She’ll share her recipe for Old-Fashioned (and amazing) Banana Bread and a few great secrets to REALLY EASY Cookie Pie Crusts.  Oh, and Strauss and Lisa explain the wonders and complexities of catering “Abondanza" style… something they each learned in their own way from Lisa’s mother, (and pro-caterer) Carol Ritter. Additional guest appearance from Friends writer/producer, Jeff Greenstein (who also happens to be Lisa’s husband).

Day Drinking: Stone Brewing's "Xocoveca" - a winter-spiced mocha stout, and Noah's Mill handmade, small-batch Kentucky bourbon.   

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Banana Bread

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