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Hollywood stories. Food stories. Drink stories. Wine, beer and cocktail tastings, chefs' secrets, recipes and cooking demos. Conversations with chefs, writers, winemakers, bartenders, actors, bakers, producers, baristas, directors, butchers, musicians…  

Grab a fork and a glass, and join Friends Writer/Producer/Cook/Wine-Guy, Jeff Strauss and co-host Writer/Comedian/Eater/Beer-Guy, Jeff Phelps as they bring together experts and friends from the worlds of food, wine, spirits, beer, TV, movies, theater and music to talk about…all that stuff.  

Listen to your stomach. Feed your ears. 

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Jeff Strauss -- Host, Producer

Many people know that Jeff Strauss has spent the better part of his adult life writing for hit TV shows including Friends, Reba, HBO’s Dream On, Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith’s All of Us and Disney’s Shake it Up!  What they might not know is that he’s spent his entire life eating, most of it drinking, a whole lot of it cooking (occasionally getting paid to do it), and absolutely the entirety of his existence thinking about food.  Since 2002, he’s been the owner of a vineyard and boutique wine-brand (Longtable Wines), based in California’s Napa Valley.  And, while he’s never been stupid enough to listen to his friends who tell him to open his own restaurant, he has been stupid enough to invest in one (which has brought him pretty much nothing but joy). He’s a really good eater, a pretty damn-good cook, a mediocre drinker [that’s more about being a light-weight and the challenges of ‘moderation’ than actual technique] and he can talk about food and drink like a “MF”.


Jeff Phelps -- Co-host, Producer

The other Jeff, as in Phelps, grew up in Kansas and came to LA to work for Clint Eastwood.  After not finding the grandfather figure he was looking for, he tried standup, shared a can of tuna while acting with Britney Spears on set, and then wrote and directed his own movie just in time to get it into the last Blockbuster store before it closed.

Now a recovering frat guy, Phelps has a wife, two kids, and a friend named Jeff who is teaching him to appreciate foods that aren't fried and beer that doesn't come in a twelve pack.