Ep. 4: The One With The 'Friends' Thanksgiving Episode


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November 11, 2016 - It’s a Friends reunion! We are joined by Jeff Strauss’s college buddy and for many years, his writing and producing partner, the award-winning Jeff Greenstein, the original "Other Jeff.” In this week’s episode, Strauss and Greenstein, who co-wrote the very first Friends Thanksgiving episode, share never-before-revealed secrets behind “The One Where Underdog Gets Away."    

You’ll hear the hilarious and horrible, real-life story from Strauss’s life that inspired that much-loved, Emmy-nominated holiday tale. You’ll also learn the surprising inspiration for Monica’s need to keep everybody happy with potatoes. An exploration of Greenstein's childhood in suburban Atlanta and his comical “food-rules” lead to a discovery and a dare as Phelps and Strauss make Greenstein eat a food he has never tried before. What more could you want?  A little eating, a little drinking, great stories from behind the scenes at one of the biggest hit TV shows ever — and a food called “Orange Carnage."

Day Drinking: a Nordic alcohol adventure — Aalborg Aquavit from Denmark and “Bjork” from Iceland (liquor with a real birch branch in the bottle).  

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