Ep. 8: Tom Lennon - A Very Cheesy Christmas (Part 1)


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December 9, 2016 - Get out your generic Lipitor and your favorite hangover cure because the cheeses are all lined up and the Wine and Champagne is flowing like a hip-hop video. Actor/Writer/Director/Producer/Comedian /Ethical Vegetarian/Wine Snob Tom Lennon joins us to share stories of eating and drinking, comedy, Chicago, New Orleans, wine, cheese and Tom's "current wife", Jenny Robertson. Phelps kicks off the session by pouring “the largest glass of champagne (Tom) has seen in 20 years” and in no time the three are deep into figuring out “What is Christmas food?” “What is the best ‘drinking city’ in America, and Tom’s secret theory behind “Why Americans think the French are rude." Don’t miss part 1 of “Tom Lennon — A Very Cheesy Christmas” because if you do, you’ll miss a lot of great stuff and you’ll probably be a little lost next week when we release part 2.       

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Day Drinking: Henriot Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Longtable “The Gathering” 2012 Mt. Veeder, Napa (also available at Backroom Wines)

The Cheeses* (so far)

1. Langres —  A washed rind cow cheese from the region of Champagne-Ardenne.  Northern France Near Belgium.
"Washed rind" — as the cheese matures, the outside is bathed or scrubbed with wine, or salt-water brine.  This encourages good bacteria to grow and both protect and add flavor to the cheese, it also keeps the outside soft.  Other “washed rind” cheeses are Epoisse & Taleggio.

2. Chaource Rouzaire —   Come from the same part of France as the Langres; Champagne  But from a different village.  This is also from cow’s milk.  It’s creamy and buttery tasting like brie & camembert and other soft/"white mould" rind cheeses.

3. Midnight Moon - a goat cheese from Cypress Grove, a California Company but this is made in Holland in the style of a Gouda.  It’s aged 12 months — a hard cheese with a wax rind.

*All cheeses were purchased from Cheese Store of Beverly Hills