Ep. 30: What Kind Of Tool Am I? 


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June 2nd, 2017 - The only thing better than quizzing people who don’t really cook about cooking tools they’ve never really seen...is quizzing them after they’ve already had seven shots of seven different bourbons. Inspired by the fun we had playing "Name That Fruit" with Superfruit, Jeff Strauss is back with a new cooking-inspired guessing game called, "What Kind Of Tool Am I?" where we guess the purpose of a particular culinary instrument based solely on the name. Kitchen tool connoisseur Jeff Strauss hosts the game recorded at the end of last week's episode, and our bourbon-soaked competitors include co-host Jeff Phelps and Endless Noise millennials, Mary Catherine Finney and Grant Cornish. So have a listen and see if these tools can describe these other tools.

Guest: Mary Catherine Finney & Grant Cornish of Endless Noise

The Game: What Kind of Tool Am I? 

  1. Banneton
  2. Lame
  3. Couche