Ep. 29: Behind the Noise


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May 26th, 2017 - What could be better than hanging out behind the scenes at Endless Noise studios and getting insider info from the audio engineer and producers who have worked with Superfruit and Pentatonix for the last 5 years? All of that plus a 5 bottle “blind” Bourbon tasting!  (And that’s exactly what we do with Mary Catherine Finney and Grant Cornish who have known the PTX crew longer than almost anybody in showbiz.  Join us!)

Guest: Mary Catherine Finney & Grant Cornish of Endless Noise

The Bourbons
1) Old Forrester from Brown-Foreman$25
2) Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon from Buffalo Trace, $95
3) Eagle Rare from Buffalo Trace, $30
4) Bulleit from Four Roses Distillery, $25
5) Larceny from Heaven Hill/Old Fitzgerald Distillery, $20

Makers Mark from by Jim Beam/Suntory Loretto, $20
Michters Single Barrel Straight Rye by Pamela Heilmann, $40