Ep. 24: Mind Erasers in the Writers' Room with Bob Kushell


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April 10th, 2017— Mix 1 part vodka, 1 part Kahlua, 1 part soda, and 10 parts Bob Kushell — writer-producer of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Anger Management, Samantha Who?, The Muppets, American Dad, Malcolm in the Middle — and you get a slightly-drunk, very funny episode covering topics from writers’ room food and self-loathing to writing under the influence.  Also, very special weight-loss secret revealed: “The Show-Runner’s Recovery Diet"

Day Drinking: Absolut Vodka & Kahlua “Mind Erasers”  and Redemption Rye Barrel Proof 6-year old Straight Rye  http://www.redemptionwhiskey.com

Guests: Bob Kushell