Ep. 19: A Catholic, a Muslim and a Jew Walk into a Podcast


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March 3rd, 2017— Strauss and Phelps are joined by TV Comedy writer/producer Nastaran Dibai who was born in Iran and immigrated to the US and then to Canada before coming back to the US to write comedy (psst - she’s the Muslim). She shares funny stories of her family and career as well as a few amazing, home-made Persian dishes (yeah, she cooks too).  Phelps is reunited with his beloved “Decapitator” by Corksicle and Strauss reveals the simple-yet-impossible secrets to the Iranian rice dish he’s been struggling to perfect/unable to stop thinking about since Nastaran taught him to make it 6 years ago… the glorious “Tahdig” the golden and crispy marvel from the bottom of the pot.

Guests: Nastaran Dibai
Drinking: Strauss' Rye Rosewater Manhattan, Angel City Lager  
Eats: Salad Olivieh, Tahdig, Kotlet, Gheimei