Ep. 16: Stupid Cupid / Love Drunk


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February 13th, 2017 -  A romantic dinner for two Jeffs at Sotto, one of LA’s favorite romantic spots known for its intimate setting, fantastic bar and amazing Southern-Italian food. After the guys try and choose the perfect cocktails for each other, the conversation flirts with the connections between food and love. Strauss offers advice for a diving-grab/CVS Pharmacy Valentines' Day chocolate plan that could rescue a last-minute disaster. He also shares a few tips to raise your jar-and-box pasta game to “sexy dinner” levels and tells the story of how spicy soup and strep-throat led to the kiss that changed his life. Come on…hug this one out with us.

Restaurant: Sotto, Los Angeles

Drinking: 2012 Tenuta Nanfro Cerasuolo di Vittoria Sammauro, Sicilian Red Blend