Ep. 15: The LOST Wingmen Matrix with Harold Perrineau


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February 4th, 2017 -  Our Super-sized Super Bowl episode.  Super Bowl = Wings, right? Strauss and Phelps set off on the first FOTL road trip as they climb aboard a luxury “sprinter van" to tour the best that “Wing City” Los Angeles has to offer, joined by guest “wingman” Harold Perrineau (of LOST, The Best Man, The Matrix movies, and Romeo & Juliet) and the Forks on the Left road crew. The quest: find wing satisfaction and football-party-snack inspiration among nearly a dozen of LA’s best and most famous wing spots. Deep wingman truths get uncovered along the way… things like, what does it mean to be a married-guy wingman? What’s it like to have dinner at Questlove’s place? How do Strauss’s mom’s homemade wings stack up against the best that LA has to offer?  Oh, and what do you do when a wingman road trip goes unexpectedly off the road…?? 

Guest: Harold Perrineau (Twitter: @haroldperrineau)

Wing Stops: Buffalo Wild Wings, KT Thai, Hyperion Public, Night + Market Song, Howlin’ Ray’s, Beer Belly, Kyochon, Lukshon… all chosen from the best of the best on Yelp, Eater, Thrillist, Zagat, The LA Times and Food & Wine magazine.

Day Drinking: Sam Adams Boston Lager, Stella Artois Cidre, Abita Purple HazeShinerbockCrabbies Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, The Bruery Mischief

Bottle Cap Removal: “The Decapitator” by Corkcicle

Live Road Trip music provided by Andy Rehfeldt of Endless Noise

Recipe: Jeff's Mom's Honey Soy Wings