Ep. 14: Ahmet Zappa - An Unhealthy Zappatite


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January 27th, 2017 -  Part 2 of our conversation with the Actor/Musician/Writer/Producer/New-Wine-Nerd  We talk “Growing Up Zappa”, Gail Zappa’s Beef Stroganoff, Ahmet’s biggies fear, and… the source of his “mayo problem”. We test Ahmet’s claim of being able to tell the price of any wine just by tasting.  And Ahmet shares his story of what may be the most embarrassing Hollywood dinner party experience ever at the home of Monty Python Legend, Eric Idle... 

Special Guest: Jeff Elmassian 

Wines Enjoyed: Thomas-Hsi THV Red 2012

Zappa Tunes: Peaches En Regalia, You Are What You Is- off "Zappatite"